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Very proud to introduce a new Grim Reefer to the line up, here is the FHN Galaxy. This is Tyler's favorite Grim Reefer jig and is all his from painting to packaging....the FHN Galaxy! Duane Inglin from Fish Hunt Northwest ( ) sent us a request to add a Hyper-Vis Glow stripe on the already popular Black Galaxy jig and we couldn't resist. Tyler took on the challenge and here is the result. The combination of the black profile in the water with the sparkle and the Hyper-Vis glow tape adds everything needed to bring fish to your line.  These are 3 1/2 oz. and come with a 3/0 Matzuo hook, split ring and barrel swivel in the bag giving you the option to fish our gear or add a different hook depending on where and what you are fishing for...your choice.  Each order is for one jig.  Thank you, Jason and Tyler.

FHN Galaxy