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We started this thing together in 2021 when Tyler wanted a computer.  We talked about a way to earn the money and started with squid jigs.  Since then we have been growing and adding to our product line and more importantly we are doing it all together.  He got his computer!!!   Thank you to all that have been following us, liking our page and photos, leaving comments and even those that take moment to see what we are doing and all of the happy anglers with Father Son Fishing gear on their lines. 

Father Son Fishing
me and tyler young.jpg

We would have never imagined we would start a business making fishing gear during these times together when we were both much younger. Amazing how life brings opportunities and as we talk about those times, we are so grateful and have to thank a few people that made this happen. Thank you Steve Kinzner for listening to me talk about squid jigs and ideas. Thank you, Bill Kinzner for also listening to us talk about squid jigs in the beginning and introducing us to Hyper-Vis tape and later working with us on designs. Thank you to Derec Filkins who took time to come to the house to show us how to make twitching jigs and spinners. Thank you Kelly Corcoran for taking notice of what we are doing with Hyper-Vis tape as we did squid jigs and later Flutter Jigs and now Grim Reefers always providing us support as we learned. And and huge thank you to Otto as he allowed us to continue the Grim-Reefer legacy that he started and what we are continuing and hoping to make him proud. The thanks we are giving continues every day as we grow as a father son team and this business with the continued support. The additional thanks and we would be hugely remiss if we didn't acknowledge the people liking and following our page and each angler putting our gear in the water making tight lines. Keep watching us as we grow as a Father Son Team.


Memories.....check out this dedicated fisherman from the years past. We had a small gold fish pond in Germany and I came home to Tyler fishing. Of course it was catch and release but look at his focus!!! The pole is overkill but he was ready for the big one. We didn't know about Hyper-Vis Tape at that time and a good thing for the gold fish!! We have come a long way since those days. He is an amazing kid and memories is why I am doing this with him.  We are building this business together while both learning life-long lessons and most importantly, building a bond together and memories. 

This was the moment that we were hooked on Salmon.  Tyler landed this King in the middle of a line of older anglers and gave him instant status on the river. 

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