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There are a multitude of reasons for Nikko Soft Baits and below are a few.  For more check out their webpage at 


Effective;  Nikko’s super soft material enables the bait to look and feel real and to naturally move even with the slightest of currents or action. Add in naturally proportioned designs with minute detail and natural scent, you get baits which really bring in the fish.


Economical;  You will be amazed at how many fish you can catch on just one bait! With durability of 10-100 times more than ordinary plastic baits, Nikko’s baits will save you money.   


Super Soft; 

Nikko’s regular super soft baits vary slightly in their softness depending on model, but all have fantastic action and naturally flutter with the slightest of movement, giving an enticing presentation fish cannot resist. 



Nikko’s baits contain no plastisol, phthalates, environmental hormones or any other substance known to cause harm. There are no harmful chemicals to leach out. No matter how the bait is disposed of, nothing harmful will be left behind.

Octopus 1.5" - Pink (#481)


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